Baseball and Horses

I’ve been honing certain interests for a mighty long time.

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Growing a Family

May 2017IMG_5401 72dpi copyIMG_5455 72dpi copyIMG_5507 72dpi copyIMG_5297 72dpi copyIMG_5322 72dpi copy

August 2017IMG_7065 72dpiIMG_7011 crop square 72dpi copyIMG_7568 72dpi copy

August 2020IMG_9767 72dpiIMG_9610 72dpiIMG_9654 72dpi


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Kids Portraits


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Album Options

Leather Craftsmen albums are timeless and durable. This is what comes to mind when people mention heirloom wedding albums. This custom made book will look stunning on your coffee table. It can hold up to 80 of your favorite images and will be treasured for generations.

Finao Elements has digitally laid out pages that are mounted into a custom album. This modern album can be laid out to showcase your favorite 60+/- images.


Tap 4×6 Album holds 20 prints and makes a great pocket portfolio or gift for parents and wedding party members. 


A 8×12″ puzzle of your favorite image makes a fun gift!

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My Winter Studio

There’s a little unfinished house in Baja that I’ve walked past and admired for years. It’s a beautiful structure, it has no roof, no windows, no doors and blissfully bare walls. To me it’s an ideal location to make portraits and so I did just that. This little bungalow was my winter studio. #6060#5103 copy#5078#6108#5102 square copy#3592 floor#4370 copy 2Baja studioBaja studio #5988so simple yet so perfect.

Boston studioStudio #352 smalllived-in but perfect too. 


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Jamaica Now & Then

Jamaica is back in my life and what’s been showing up in front of my camera lens has been a delightful surprise. The portfolio that I thought was complete long ago has taken on new life. What a transformative and welcome shift in thinking this has been. It’s really just the beginning. This project is totally alive for me again.

juice oil truckspliffJackWillys momLateefWilly Dec 2015CliffyJuman aConroy Dec 2015EP 2IMG_0539This month I had the good fortune of re-photographing people from my past. Some of the reconnections took a year to arrange and others happened effortlessly. One day I was unexpectedly in Commador and Lateef (the boy in the school uniform who is now a grown man) was out in the road as if waiting for me. Another day I heard my name being called and it was Cliffy, he was on the roof of a building in Hope Bay. Eighteen years had passed since either of these guys had been in front of my camera and here they were directly in my path. Many powerful reunions aligned for me on this trip and I can’t help but recognize how precious it all is. Jamaica has always been a magical and emotional place for me but never more so than on this visit.

December 2015

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A Family Tradition

My business as a family photographer exists because people still hold a value for the time-honored tradition of family portraiture. People who realize it’s about more than just the images. It’s an event. Time has to be set aside, schedules arranged and often rearranged. Wardrobe has to be planned and prepared. Haircuts and tans topped off. It’s not always easy but it’s always worthwhile. It’s time spent together as a family, making memories, giggling, sometimes crying but most importantly being together.

Fortunately, my clients Chip & Ben honor this tradition.

What a difference a year makes.

#115crop 72dpi#135 crop 72dpi#249 72dpi#254 72dpiIMG_0372E & T diptych 72dpi#560Trey 2 72dpiTo see more of this stunning family:

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60 Days in Mexico – But Who’s Counting

60 mornings waking up hereIMG_9842 copy 24 days of raindesert rain 201518 desert hikes and bike rideshikes and bikes IMG_0046 copyIMG_0041 copydesert bloomsIMG_9779 copy5 Thursday nights at La Esquina with King Corduroy and Joe FirstmanIMG_0924 copy

15 live music outingsIMG_0475Joe FirstmanA couple days Casa Tota poolsideCasa Tota#1181 copywith Walter and ShellyIMG_0993 copy

Hours of fun with ZandraIMG_1363 copy

Zandra FrameDaily beach and sky appreciationIMG_9937 copy 2

IMG_0223 copyIMG_0074 copyIMG_9918 copyIMG_04903 sessions filming We Show You Show 4

IMG_1252 copyIMG_1048 copyMany precious moments with super special people
IMG_1240 copy
IMG_1278IMG_0883 copyIMG_0868 copyIMG_0656IMG_0037 copy

Beth & Marc#1225 copy12 years making this dream come trueIMG_0200 copyGoodnight Baja

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Bar Mitzvah at WGBH & Brookline Teen Center

WGBH was a great venue for this November Bar Mitzvah.2014 11 08       0102014 11 08       016The Yawkey Theater provided a perfect atmosphere for the ceremony. 2014 11 08       0312014 11 08       0422014 11 08       1352014 11 08       139Guests enjoyed a luncheon provided by Max Ultimate Foods immediately following the service. 2014 11 08       0032014 11 08       1042014 11 08       1062014 11 08       101Books and pencils sat on the tables waiting to go home with guests.2014 11 08       1832014 11 08       198The party continued at the impressive Brookline Teen Center that evening. This isn’t any old teen center, it opened in 2013 and has a pool table, ping pong tables, a basket ball court and a candlepin bowling alley!  This fabulous affair was also catered by Max Ultimate Foods.Brookline Teen Center A2014 11 08       2482014 11 08       2692014 11 08       2702014 11 08       4422014 11 08       4022014 11 08       4102014 11 08       421

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Return to Jamaica

My return to Jamaica was long overdue. In the years since I’d been there babies have grown into teenagers and teenagers into adults, locks have grown long,  Willy’s house collapsed, Sista P created a fabulous vegetarian restaurant in Hope Bay and hosts a weekly radio program from Port Antonio. Many things have changed during my 13 year absence but one thing that’s remained the same is my deep affection for Jamaica and it’s people.

Willy 1995 & 2014Willy & me 1996 & 2014 72dpi

Willy, my walking buddy since 1995swinging bridge 72dpi

Swinging Bridge, Chelsea resurfaced#9011 72dpi

#9182 72dpi cropMarlon A 72dpiMarlonJack's house 72dpiJack’s house had just been built when I was there last
Willy on steps 72dpiWilly on the steps of his home. He lost his house in Hurricane Sandy.#8976 72dpi cropflora 72dpi

#8957 72dpiSoo Soom Ba A 72dpiSoo Soom Ba vegetarian restaurant Hope Bay, PortlandStylzfm 72dpiSista P’s radio program on Stylz fm Thursday 9am-1pm












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