The Power of a Picture.

I’ve always felt that being a family photographer was important work. I recently learned how important.

In the summer of 2006 I photographed Chip & Ben’s wedding. One of the pictures I took that day was of their combined families, twenty people maybe, sitting on the front steps of their Jamaica Plain home. The love they all shared and the support they provided for each other was evident. Love and support so palpable that a single photograph from that day became the deciding factor one birth mother used to make her decision on who would adopt her baby!

Last month Chip called to schedule a holiday photo session with their two adorable children; Ellie and Trey. In the kitchen of their JP home hangs the family photo I had taken at their wedding six years previous, now referred to as “the famous photograph.” They credit that picture with turning them into parents. Wow! Until Ben shared this story with me I had no idea of the direct impact my photograph had on their lives. It confirms what I’ve always suspected, family photography is important.

It was an absolute honor to photograph them in 2006 and again 2012. Thank you Chip & Ben for sharing your story and congratulations on raising two fantastic children!

Judy West Photography 009 72dpi

Judy West Photography 001 72dpi Chip & Ben construct a 72dpi diptych a diptych c diptych b Judy West Photography 042 72dpi Judy West Photography 046 72dpi Judy West Photography 045 72dpi

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3 Responses to The Power of a Picture.

  1. Shelly B Phillips says:

    How amazing!!!

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