60 Days in Mexico – But Who’s Counting

60 mornings waking up hereIMG_9842 copy 24 days of raindesert rain 201518 desert hikes and bike rideshikes and bikes IMG_0046 copyIMG_0041 copydesert bloomsIMG_9779 copy5 Thursday nights at La Esquina with King Corduroy and Joe FirstmanIMG_0924 copy

15 live music outingsIMG_0475Joe FirstmanA couple days Casa Tota poolsideCasa Tota#1181 copywith Walter and ShellyIMG_0993 copy

Hours of fun with ZandraIMG_1363 copy

Zandra FrameDaily beach and sky appreciationIMG_9937 copy 2

IMG_0223 copyIMG_0074 copyIMG_9918 copyIMG_04903 sessions filming We Show You Show 4

IMG_1252 copyIMG_1048 copyMany precious moments with super special people
IMG_1240 copy
IMG_1278IMG_0883 copyIMG_0868 copyIMG_0656IMG_0037 copy

Beth & Marc#1225 copy12 years making this dream come trueIMG_0200 copyGoodnight Baja

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1 Response to 60 Days in Mexico – But Who’s Counting

  1. Orange Bay Massive... says:

    Great blog Judy. You captured some real vibes making the whole adventure absolutely enticing. I also enjoyed two Dutch journeys although I personally rather South America to Europe any time. Have fun and keep on keeping on.

    Peace & Harmony

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