A Family Tradition

My business as a family photographer exists because people still hold a value for the time-honored tradition of family portraiture. People who realize it’s about more than just the images. It’s an event. Time has to be set aside, schedules arranged and often rearranged. Wardrobe has to be planned and prepared. Haircuts and tans topped off. It’s not always easy but it’s always worthwhile. It’s time spent together as a family, making memories, giggling, sometimes crying but most importantly being together.

Fortunately, my clients Chip & Ben honor this tradition.

What a difference a year makes.

#115crop 72dpi#135 crop 72dpi#249 72dpi#254 72dpiIMG_0372E & T diptych 72dpi#560Trey 2 72dpiTo see more of this stunning family:



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