Jamaica Now & Then

Jamaica is back in my life and what’s been showing up in front of my camera lens has been a delightful surprise. The portfolio that I thought was complete long ago has taken on new life. What a transformative and welcome shift in thinking this has been. It’s really just the beginning. This project is totally alive for me again.

juice oil truckspliffJackWillys momLateefWilly Dec 2015CliffyJuman aConroy Dec 2015EP 2IMG_0539This month I had the good fortune of re-photographing people from my past. Some of the reconnections took a year to arrange and others happened effortlessly. One day I was unexpectedly in Commador and Lateef (the boy in the school uniform who is now a grown man) was out in the road as if waiting for me. Another day I heard my name being called and it was Cliffy, he was on the roof of a building in Hope Bay. Eighteen years had passed since either of these guys had been in front of my camera and here they were directly in my path. Many powerful reunions aligned for me on this trip and I can’t help but recognize how precious it all is. Jamaica has always been a magical and emotional place for me but never more so than on this visit.

December 2015

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3 Responses to Jamaica Now & Then

  1. Beautiful subjects. Boundless talent!

  2. Mark Hunt says:

    What a wonderful story to hear, Judy. I hope someday to experience
    something similar when I return to Jamaica. Your photos are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Darlene DeVita says:

    Wonderful Judy!! Seems like yesterday you were shooting in Jamaica. What a great journal/journey! xoxo

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